Education is a hostile place for boys and men!

Universities and colleges are ripe for anti-male bias

Most teachers are women. Nothing is being done to change that imbalance. Many modern educational practices are counterproductive for boys. Success in school is tightly correlated with the ability to sit still, be quiet, and complete paperwork. 

Many young boys are bodily kinesthetic learners who respond to hands-on lessons. The educational establishment finds this inconvenient, and thus largely ignores it. 

The trend against competition and the promotion of cooperative learning strategies run counter to boys’ natural competitiveness and individual initiative. Lessons in which there are no right or wrong answers, and from which solid conclusions cannot be drawn, tend to frustrate boys, who often view them as pointless. 

Many healthy, energetic, and intelligent boys are branded as behavior problems as soon as they begin school, and are punished and put on Ritalin or other drugs so they will sit still. Because schools and classrooms do not fit their educational needs, many boys disengage from school long before they reach high school. Fewer and fewer of them ever reach college.

Today,  there  are  more  women  enrolled  in  colleges  than  men  and  they  are  earning  the  majority  of  all  degrees  in  the  United  States.  This  imbalance  is  forcing  men  in to  low  wage  jobs  and  unable  to  move  up  the  corporate  ladder.