We focus on the issues that matter to men and fathers!

Criminal Law Reform


All to often, men are given longer prison sentences, high bail amounts, and more often victims of police brutality than women. Men are much more likely to be arrested and convicted of crimes they did not commit than women.  We are working to make "equal time for equal crimes" the law in Arizona. We are also working to ensure that bad cops and proscuters are taken off the street and courtrooms.  

Self Help Divorce Center


When men are hit with a divorce petition they often freeze. They are often clueless their relationship was in trouble or suddenly realize their wife was having an affair. Regardless why the couple splits, men are clueless about the divorce process and where to begin. However, by delaying the enviable and wasting valuable time, is fathers wait too long they will lose their parental rights. We help men who find themselves in an unwanted divorce by providing them an advocate and reference to resources that will allow them to fight for their rights and not get railroaded by an ex-wife, her attorney and the court.  

Male Domestic Violence Victims


When we think of domestic violence the first image that comes to mind is a women  who is assaulted by her male partner. However, data shows that women are just as violent as men in relationships and will often use others(friends, legal system, another lover) in the battery of a male partner. But sadly, women are rarely arrested for domestic violence because there is no money in it for the justice system and domestic violence shelters for male victims. They are simply out of luck.     

Divorce Reform and Assistance


According to USA Today, the average divorce with children in Arizona cost an amazing $20,000 While the average income is nearly $60,000. If you don’t have children you will still pay $13,000. Clearly, this is not right! Divorce is bad enough without being hosed by attorneys looking to make a buck off your bad fortunes. We are working to provide you solutions without having an attorney destroying your  financial future. 

Combating Feminist Myths


Let’s face it, women have issues but not all of their problems are men’s fault. Most of the social problems women face are their own creation due to personal choice and natural consequences. However, men are often the scapegoats and an easy target to blame when women fail. We are working hard to educate the public and policy makers who continue to cater to women’s self-destructive behavior and the erosion of men’s rights and protections. 

Researching Men's Issues